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What if I want more than one number?

No worries. As a Lobster customer you can have up to five additional numbers linked to your account.

These lines can be for your friends, your family or for anyone you like, but just remember it’s your credit card that’ll be used! You can purchase additional numbers at any time by:

  • Giving us a call, visiting our website, or dropping by one of our friendly selected retail stores, just like when you purchased your first number. Only this time when it comes to registering, just tell us that you’re already registered with us.
  • If you prefer you can also purchase additional numbers by logging in to your Lobster account section on our website.

Getting started

Start here! Let’s talk about getting you started with Lobster.

Plans and more

Coverage, plans, costs and swapping your t-shirt six time a day!

Keeping your Spanish number

So you want to give Lobster a go but like your number? Not a problem!

Using data

Where can I use my data? How much have I used? And loads more…

Calling and using your phone abroad

No surprises here! Calling an international number and using your phone abroad is easy with Lobster.

My Lobster account

Managing my plans – the easy way.

Other stuff

Boring legal stuff and things that don’t really fit into other categories.