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    All prices include
    Just Spain
    (just amazing)
    First 3 payments, after €10.
    Unlimited calls in Spain.
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    The important bits
    Unlimited calls

    Our Just Spain plan comes with data and unlimited calls in Spain. Spanish premium numbers and special numbers (like 901 and 902 numbers) aren’t included in the plan and are charged, for prices click on the price guide at the bottom of this page.

    No commitments

    You simply pay upfront, every 28 days, for one of our great plans. You’re free to stop and start again any time you like. No lock-ins, no termination fees. We want you to stay because you’re happy with our great service, not because we tie you in.

    Calling from outside Spain

    With all our plans when you’re outside of Spain you can use your plan’s calls and texts in and between most European countries including the UK, and you can even use your data too, with no extra charge.

    Change your plan anytime

    You can change to a new plan any time you like. From the day you change, you’ll be charged straight away for the new plan and it will run for the next 28 days.

    Keep your Spanish number

    Of course. You can keep your number as long as it is a Spanish one. We can’t transfer numbers belonging to the UK or any other country which is not Spain. We can always give you a brand new number.

    The coverage

    We have full national coverage in Spain, running on the Movistar network (and they don’t come any bigger or better than that!). Our coverage gives you super fast data. And we have full international coverage too.

    How it works
    1. Select your plan and provide us some identity and payment details.
    2. We’ll send you your sim by post.
    3. Activate online and you can start chatting and browsing right away.

    Remember you can change your plan or buy extra data whenever you want on your account.

    So what’s not included?

    Not a problem. We’ll alert you immediately, stop you there, and you won’t be charged a penny more. Don’t worry though, if you want more data you can change to a new plan any time you want. Or you can simply add more data until your plan finishes.
    Extra 1 GB: € 3.00

    If you find yourself needing to use services not included within your plan, then just put some credit on your account and off you go. See our ‘out of plan’ rates.

    *Promotion valid until October 6th 2022, for customers who register with Lobster through any of its commercial channels. On service activation the customer will enjoy their plan with a 50% discount on the first three plan payments. Any extra chargeable items outside the plan are not included. Promotion limited to the first 5,000 customers. Promotion is not compatible with other offers or discounts.