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About Lobster

We’re Spain’s only ‘all-in-English’ mobile service. We’re SIM-only and super-easy to use.

From just €12, you get a great data deal and unlimited calls and texts between
Spain, the UK and a host of other countries.

In fact you get all the benefits of a contract deal – all the value, all the control – without any of the commitment or hidden surprises.

We give you the option for everything in English too. Bills, websites, customer service. You can even chat to us in English.

Our plans are super simple. Just choose the data bundle you need. And if you want to go larger or smaller then you can change at any time.

You can join in an instant. No utility bills, no jumping through hoops. Just sign up, we’ll send you the SIM, and off you go.

One payment gets you 28 days of service. You can then keep going, add more data, stop the plan when you want, or even ‘park your number’ for a while.

With us, you really are as free as a bird!