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The all-in-English mobile service. Unlimited calls and texts. Brilliant!
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With unlimited calls and texts back home

Yep, calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and loads of other countries are already included in our plans. So you can natter for as long as you like!

What’s included when you’re in Spain and when outside of Spain?

That’s right, we’re all in English

Home might be sunny Spain, but you’ll find everything here in English. Like this website. Or your bills. Or even our customer service. So ringing us for a chat is super easy.

Our fantastic plans!

Just choose the bundle size that’s right for you: small, medium or large. And if you can’t decide, we can help.

All prices include 21% IVA.

50% More data Until the end of 2021!
(but sweet)
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
28 days
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(the middle one)
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
28 days
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(the big easy)
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
28 days
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Absolutely no commitments

No really. Pay every 28 days. Stop and start when you like. There’s nothing to tie you down.

And a very
speedy sign up

All we need is a few personal details, your credit or debit card info, and ‘Hey Presto!’. We’ll send you your SIM and off you go.
Great, but how exactly does it work

Buy your plan

Simply choose your plan, set up your payment details and we’ll send you your SIM card. Alternatively, you can buy your SIM card from a friendly retail seller’s store.

Activate your SIM

Once you’ve got your Lobster SIM, pop it into your phone and activate it online or by giving us a call.

Relax and enjoy

And that’s it. You’re all done. Start chatting, texting and browsing on the go or at home on the sun lounger. Lovely!

*Promotion valid until 31st March 2022, for new and existing Lobster customers. The customer will enjoy their plan with 50% more data for free with every plan payment until 31st March 2022. The data can be used during the 28 days plan period. After the promotion ends the plans go back to having the standard data allowance again, Plan Small 8GB, Plan Medium 18GB, and Plan Large 35GB. Promotion is not compatible with other offers or discounts.

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