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is inviting you to join Lobster! Get unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries, and great data deals with our international plans! Order your free Lobster SIM through this page and get €5 discount on your first plan payment**
** Unless you are eligible for another promotion. You will receive whichever is the biggest discount (not both)

Our pay as you go mobile plans

We have a selection of great value mobile plans with a Spanish SIM card, unlimited calls and loads of data, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. And all in English, of course.

All plans International Spain only
All prices include VAT 21%
Mobile Small
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
per 28 days
Mobile Medium
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
per 28 days
Mobile Large
Unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK and other countries.
per 28 days
Just Spain
Unlimited calls in Spain.
per 28 days
Great coverage

Get full, national coverage in Spain – we use the brilliant, super-reliable Movistar network. We give you full international coverage too.

Unlimited calls and texts

In Spain, to the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and the USA, are all included in our international plans.

UK & EU roaming

All our plans include UK and EU roaming. So you can stay connected when travelling abroad at no extra cost.


Our commitment: with Lobster, everything is in English!

No commitments

You can change your plan, and stop and start it, any time you like. You can also park your number.

Fast order online

Order your new SIM in minutes! No jumping through hoops here.

Free SIM delivery

Your SIM is delivered in just a few days, for free!

Universal SIM

The Lobster universal SIM supports all SIM sizes so you can use it with any phone!

Great, but how does Lobster mobile work?
Online order Order your new mobile plan in minutes.
SIM delivery Your mobile SIM will be delivered in just a few days, for free!
Enjoy the service! Talk and browse and get more, for less!
Frequently asked questions
How can I become a Lobster customer?


You can sign up online on our website or by giving us a call for free on 1661. Also, you can visit any one of our friendly selected retail stores. We have a handy store finder in the Help section on our website so that you can easily find the store nearest to you.

Just tell us which plan you want, register with an email address and password, confirm your identity with a passport or other official form of ID, and provide your credit or debit card payment details through a totally secure process, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a Spanish credit or debit card!

Can I keep my existing Spanish mobile number?

Of course. You can keep your number as long as it is a Spanish one. We can’t transfer numbers belonging to the UK or any other country which is not Spain. We can always give you a brand new number. Either way, it’s simple:

  • If you want to take a brand new number then once you’ve activated your SIM, simply pop it into your phone and you’re good to go.
  • If you want to keep your existing number, then having activated your SIM, we’ll start the process to bring your number over from your current operator. You don’t have do anything. The transfer normally takes 24 hours. Don’t worry though, we’ll tell you in advance the day the transfer will take place (it all happens in the small hours of the morning). Once the transfer’s done, your old SIM card will stop working and you can then pop your new SIM card from us into your phone. And that’s it! You’re good to go with the same number as you had before.
When does my plan start and end?

Good question. You can start a plan whenever you like. Our plans run for 28 days. So, if you started your plan on 1st January, then it would run from midnight 1st January through to midnight on 28th January. You don’t need to remember to renew it, we’ll do that for you. Remember, you are free to stop and start any time you like.

What happens if I run out of data?

Not a problem. We’ll alert you immediately, stop you there, and you won’t be charged a penny more. Don’t worry though, if you want more data you can change to a new plan any time you want. Or you can simply add more data until your plan finishes.

Can I use my Lobster mobile when I go on holiday or back to see the family?

Yes you can!

With all our plans when you’re outside of Spain you can use your plan’s calls and texts in and between most European countries including the UK, and you can even use your data too, with no extra charge.

If you’re travelling a bit further than the UK and most European countries you can use you phone there too as our network extends to most international destinations, however any time you make a call, send a message, or use data it will be deducted from your credit.

How can I pay for my Lobster plan?

We accept most credit and debit cards. There are some cards we don’t currently accept like American Express and Diners.

Do you have questions?