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Here’s a breakdown of the updates:

3.2 Roaming service (updated)

We’ve updated our conditions to cover using your phone when travelling to the UK.

With Lobster you can use your phone with no extra charge when travelling abroad in most European countries subject to a fair usage policy. This is in accordance with EU regulations. After Brexit the UK is no longer subject to EU regulations. So, we’ve updated our conditions to include the UK as a country with no extra charge as a continued benefit to our customers. As part of the fair usage policy we may limit roaming data in the UK to a volume of 5 GB.

3.5 Refunds (new)

We’ve now included a new refunds section to make it much clearer the conditions under which we are able to provide refunds.

4.3 SIM-Parking (updated)

We’ve updated our conditions for the park/unpark service with a fair usage limit. You can park and unpark your number a maximum of 3 times every 28 days.

6. Right to cancel (updated)

We’ve updated our conditions for online purchases or purchases by telephone.

When purchasing online or by telephone from Lobster you get a 14 day cooling-off period where you can cancel the purchase and get your money back. We’ve updated our conditions to reserve the right to apply a charge for this cancellation if we have incurred any logistics or administration costs.

Click here for the full updated General Terms and Conditions.