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Leaving Lobster

We’re sorry you’re thinking of leaving Lobster. Before making your final decision, we’d suggest that you compare our current rates and offers, with the network you want to join to make sure it’s the right decision for you. If there’s something we can do better please let us know – we’d love for you to stay!

Before you decide to go, there are a few things you should know.

Taking your number with you

If want to keep your number and you’re moving to another Spanish mobile provider then you’ll need to advise your new operator that you want to keep the number and provide them with name and ID details that match our records. They’ll get in touch with us directly to arrange the switchover and once the number has been transferred to them we will close your account. You will lose any credit or active plan balances when switching to another operator.

Cancellation fees

There are no minimum contract fees or early termination penalties on Lobster plans.

Getting started

Start here! Let’s talk about getting you started with Lobster.

Plans and more

Coverage, plans, costs and swapping your t-shirt six time a day!

Keeping your Spanish number

So you want to give Lobster a go but like your number? Not a problem!

Using data

Where can I use my data? How much have I used? And loads more…

Calling and using your phone abroad

No surprises here! Calling an international number and using your phone abroad is easy with Lobster.

My Lobster account

Managing my plans – the easy way.

Other stuff

Boring legal stuff and things that don’t really fit into other categories.