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Frequently asked questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you’re after, contact us or give us a call!


How do I set up voicemail in my phone?
How much data do I have left on my mobile plan?
What happens if I run out of data on my mobile?
How can I control how much data I use on my mobile?
Can I keep my existing Spanish mobile number?
How will I know when my phone number is transferred to Lobster?
What is porting a mobile number?
What happens after I ask to ‘Keep my mobile Number’?
Is there a fee for keeping my mobile number?
Is eSIM supported?
My phone won’t connect to the internet (Android)
My iPhone or iPad won’t connect to the internet (iOS)
What if I want more than one mobile number?
Will I need to ‘unlock’ my mobile phone?
How do I find out my mobile phone number?
Do I need to do anything once I receive my SIM?
How wide’s the mobile coverage?
Are calls and texts all unlimited?
What about the mobile plan details?
When does my mobile plan start and end?
Can I change to a new mobile plan?
What if I can’t decide which mobile plan?
What’s not included in my mobile plan?
Why do I need credit?
How do I put credit on my account?
How do I check my credit?
What happens if I want to stop my mobile plan?
How can I ‘park’ my number?
So complete control of my mobile plan?
Can I restrict certain calls from my phone?
Looking for information on premium and special numbers?
What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?
I’ve lost my SIM card! What do I do?
What size SIM card do I need?
My SIM card isn’t working
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