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  • How do I cancel an account when the account holder has recently passed away?

How do I cancel an account when the account holder has recently passed away?

We know this may be a difficult time, so we’re here to make the process of cancelling an account belonging to someone who has passed away as easy as possible.

Please send the following information by email or by post:

  • Full name of the account holder who has passed away
  • The mobile phone number associated with their account
  • Their registered address
  • Your own name, address
  • Your address
  • Your relationship with the person who has passed away
  • A photocopy of the death certificate of the person who has passed away

As soon as this has been verified by our agents, the account can be closed.

If a death certificate is provided and the representative requests a refund, we aim to refund the credit back to the source. Upon request, an agent might transfer the airtime credit from the deceased’s account to the account of the representative. If any other questions or issues are presented, agents would respond to the query on a case by case basis.

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