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Frequently asked questions

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How much does the fibre installation cost? Are there any commitments?

The installation is completely free of charge. One of our friendly technicians will come knocking at your door and get everything installed and activate your fibre service. We’ll also provide you with a super Wi-Fi router at no charge too! If for any reason you cancel your fibre service in the future, we’ll need you to return the router to us.

So that we can offer you free installation, the fibre service has a minimum commitment period of 12 months. This starts from when your fibre service is activated.

If for any reason you cancel your fibre service before completing the minimum commitment period, then you’ll be charged a fee for the fibre installation costs. If you cancel during your first 6 months, then a fee of €120 plus taxes will be charged. From month 7 to 12, a fee of €10 plus taxes will be charged for each month remaining from and including the month in which the cancellation takes place until completing the minimum commitment period.

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