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Frequently asked questions

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My SIM card isn’t working

If your Lobster SIM card is not working, please try the following checks:

Have you activated your new Lobster SIM card?

Whether you’ve purchased it at one of our retailers, or had the SIM card delivered to your home you will need to activate your SIM. You can do this on the Lobster website or by calling 1661.

Do you have enough credit on your SIM card?

If you don’t have an active plan, or are trying to call a number not included as part of your plan when you don’t have credit you will not be able to complete your call. Simply top up or check that your plan is active in order to make the call.

Are you connected to our network?

Lobster should be displayed on your phone screen. If you are not connected to our network, please check how to connect to our network. Sometimes simply turning flight mode on, then off again, will help your phone connect to the network.

Making an international call?

If making an international call, please ensure you are dialling the international code, followed by the country code and finally by the mobile/landline number (sometimes without the 0 in the beginning).

Did you insert your SIM card correctly?

It might be the wrong way around or the wrong size for your device. Different phone models have different ways of inserting your SIM.

Is your phone unlocked?

If you bought your mobile phone with another operator, the phone could be locked to that operator. If it is locked you will usually need to contact the mobile operator that it’s locked to, and ask them to unlock it for you. There are also some mobile repair shops that will unlock it for you.

If having performed the above steps your new SIM card is still not working, please request a new SIM card by giving us a call.

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