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Looking for information on premium and special numbers?

Spanish premium numbers and special numbers (like 901 and 902 numbers) aren’t included in our plans and are charged, for prices click on the price guide at the bottom of this page.

Calls to these numbers are charged at different rates, depending on the prefix. Be aware that some calls are expensive. As premium numbers are charged at a high rate, some numbers may be barred to protect you.

Getting started

Start here! Let’s talk about getting you started with Lobster.

Plans and more

Coverage, plans, costs and swapping your t-shirt six time a day!

Keeping your Spanish number

So you want to give Lobster a go but like your number? Not a problem!

Using data

Where can I use my data? How much have I used? And loads more…

Calling and using your phone abroad

No surprises here! Calling an international number and using your phone abroad is easy with Lobster.

My Lobster account

Managing my plans – the easy way.

Other stuff

Boring legal stuff and things that don’t really fit into other categories.