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Frequently asked questions

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What happens after I ask to ‘Keep my mobile Number’?

When you submit your order and we have all the information we need to start the process, we’ll get in touch with your operator to agree the quickest transfer window possible (unless you’d prefer to transfer it on a date in the future).

The porting process starts here and it normally takes 24 hours. The SIM card will be delivered to you first, and once you let us know you’ve received it we’ll start the porting process. We’ll let you know when the change is due to take place (this happens in the early hours of the morning on the selected date so you’ll probably be asleep when it happens) and on the transfer day your old SIM card will stop working and you’ll be able to put your shiny new Lobster SIM in your phone and start using your plan. There’s no need to contact your old operator, we’ll do all that for you. Just pop your SIM in and start talking.

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