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What about the plan details?

Aha, the nitty gritty. We’ve made our deals as simple as possible, and what you see is what you get; no hidden extra charges or surprises!

Our fantastic Small, Medium, and Large international plans all come with data, and unlimited calls and texts:

  • For €12 you get unlimited calls and texts + 18GB of data
  • For €18 you get unlimited calls and texts + 40GB of data
  • For €24 you get unlimited calls and texts + 70GB of data

And don’t forget, everything’s included, calls and texts in Spain, to the UK, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and the United States.

If you don’t need international calls and only need to call in Spain, plus a great data deal, then our Just Spain plan is perfect for you! For €10 you get unlimited calls in Spain + 18GB of data

What’s more, with all our plans when you’re travelled abroad outside of Spain you can use your plan’s calls and texts in and between most European countries including the UK, and you can even use your data too, with no extra charge.

Getting started

Start here! Let’s talk about getting you started with Lobster.

Plans and more

Coverage, plans, costs and swapping your t-shirt six time a day!

Keeping your Spanish number

So you want to give Lobster a go but like your number? Not a problem!

Using data

Where can I use my data? How much have I used? And loads more…

Calling and using your phone abroad

No surprises here! Calling an international number and using your phone abroad is easy with Lobster.

My Lobster account

Managing my plans – the easy way.

Other stuff

Boring legal stuff and things that don’t really fit into other categories.